Friday, 7 December 2012

Carbonara Spaghetti

Today is my first time making Carbonara Spaghetti.. The taste is awesome!!! I tell u.. You want more and more and more ;p

Let me share u the receipe..

Cooking oil
Corned beef
Nestle cream
Evaporated milk
Salt & pepper
Cheddar cheese

First, put cooking oil inside the pan togther with corned beef and mushroom. Blend them untill it cooks.

Put butter salt and pepper according to your wants then stir it together.

Put the Nestle cream into the same pan and stir it together with another salt n pepper again if you want to. Next i just put cheddar cheese and stir it again until it boils.

Then put a little bit of evaporated milk and sugar according to your taste. Stir it until it boils..

Food are ready to serve..

I will upload the photo soon. Good luck!! ;D

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Himpunan Sabda/Hadith Nabi Muhammad SAW part 1

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Senyuman  kepada  saudaramu  adalah  sedekah"

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Semua  amal an  anak  Adam A.S. dilipatgandakan  kebaikan (pahala) dari  10  sampai  700  kali  ganda  
kecuali  ibadah  puasa.  Ada pun  puasa  itu  adalah  untuk  Allah s.w.t.. dan  Dia  akan  terus  memberikan  pahala  kepada  sekelian"  (Riwayat  Muslim) 

Dari  Ummu  Mukminin  Aisyah R.A ,  Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda:"Adalah  Rasululluh  s.a.w. apabila  masuk (tanggal) sepuluh  hari  terakhir  
bulan  Ramadhan,  Baginda  s.a.w. bersedih  dan  bersiap-siap  menghidupkan (beramal) pada  malam  hari. (Riwayat  Muttfaq Alaihi) 

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Barangsiapa  yang  tidak  meninggalkan  kata  dusta (bohong  semasa  berpuasa) maka  Allah  s.w.t.  tidak  berhajat
  padanya  untuk  meninggalkan  makan  minumnya. (Riwayat  Bukhari) 

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Barangsiapa  yang  menunaikan  suatu  fardhu  pada  bulan (Ramadhan) itu,  adalah  dia  sebagai  seorang  yang 
 telah  menunaikan  70  bulan  fardhu  pada  bulan-bulan  lainnya. 

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Permulaan  Ramadhan  itu  adalah  rahmat,  pertengahannya  adalah  keampunan (maghrifah) dan  penghujungnya 
 adalah  kebebasan  dari  api  neraka" 

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Bagi  orang  yang  melaksanakan  ibadah  puasa, baginya  ada  dua  saat  kegembiraan.  Pertama  pada  waktu  berbuka
  dan  kedua  ketika  menghadap  Ilahi " 

Dari  Khalifah  Umar  bin  Abdul  Aziz  berkata,  Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah bersabda:"Sembahyang  itu  membawa  ketengah  jalan,  berpuasa  memajukan  kamu
  kehadapandan  sedekah (saling  membantu) memasukkan  kamu  kedalamny a"

Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda: "Siapa  yang  bangun  pada  malam  hari raya(Aidil Fitri) dengan  ikhlas  kerana  Allah  s.w.t. ,  maka  tidak  akan  mati 
 hatinya  saat  hati  semua  orang  telah  mati" (Riwayat  Ibn  Majah  dari  Abu  Umamah) 

Dari  Abu  Ayub al-Ansari  berkata  bahawa  Nabi  Muhammad  s.a.w  pernah  bersabda:"Sesiapa  yang  berpuasa  Ramadhan  kemudian  dia  berpuasa  pula  sebanyak
  enam  hari  pada  bulan  Syawal,  seolah-olah  dia  berpuasa  sepanjang  masa" (Riwayat  Muslim)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Have you ever ... With a guy?

Have you ever...with a guy
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What is your age?: 22
Have you ever had a boyfriend?: Yes
Have you ever kissed a guy?: Yes
Have you ever held hands with a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever taken you out on a date?: Yes
If so, did he pay?: Yes
Has a guy ever bought you a drink?: Yes
Have you ever been hit on by a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever asked you out?: Yes
Has a guy ever told you he likes you?: Yes
Have you ever made love to a guy?: Yes
Have you ever been in a guy\'s bedroom?: Yes
Has a guy ever been in your bedroom?: Yes
Have you ever slept in the same bed with a guy?: Yes
Have you ever ridden in the car with just you and a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever cooked you dinner?: Yes
Have you ever slow danced with a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever given you his jacket when you were cold?: Yes
Has a guy ever held the door open for you?: Yes
Has a guy ever told you you were pretty?: Yes
Have you ever kissed a guy in the rain?: Yes
Has a guy ever played with your hair?: Yes
Has a guy ever rested his hand on your knee?: Yes
Have you ever cuddled with a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever protected/stood up for you?: Yes
Has a guy ever given you a back massage?: Yes
Have you ever played footsie with a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever kissed your forehead?: Yes
Has a guy ever kissed your hand?: Yes
Has a guy ever invited you into his house?: Yes
Has a guy ever called you just to talk?: Yes
Has a guy ever comforted you while you were crying?: Yes
Has a guy ever called you baby?: Yes
Hunny?: Yes
Sweetie?: No
Darling?: Yes
Has a guy ever called you sexy?: Yes
Hot?: Yes
Beautiful?: Yes
Cute?: Yes
Have you ever gone to the theatre with a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever told you he loves you?: Yes
Have you ever gone on a walk with a guy?: Yes
Have you ever french kissed a guy?: Yes
Has a guy ever invited you over to dinner with his family?: Yes
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About me

Random Questions About Yourself.
Created by xprepsarehazardsx and taken 2650 times on Bzoink
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Bite Your Nails?: No
Have Nightmares Often?: Seldom
Find Yourself Typing LiKe DiS OfTeN?: No
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Have Any Disorders?: Yes
Have Suicidal Thoughts Often?: Maybe
Like The Way You Look?: Yes
Think Your Attractive?: No
Play Any Sports?: Yes
Have Friends You Don't Really Like?: Yes
Get Along With Your Parents?: Yes
Have Your Own Computer?: Yes
What Color Is Your Room?: Brown
What Was The Last Thing You Said?: Bwoh
Who Was The Last Person You Talked To Over The Internet?: Azim
What Was The Last Thing You Ate Today?: Rice
Do You Know All The People Who Are On Your MySpace As Friends?: No
Are You Single?: No
Do You Like This Quiz So Far?: No
Have You Ever?...
Been In Love, Truely?: Yes
Been Heartbroken?: Yes
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Wished You Could Go Back In Time?: Yes
Made A Mistake?: Yes
Been Called A Poser, Prep, Emo, Goth, Punk, Gangster, Ect?: No
Labeled Someone?: Yes
Missed Someone Who Dumped You ALOT?: Yes
Wondered If Someone You Loved, Loved You Back?: Yes
Loved Someone Who Was Taken?: Yes
Been Confused By Someone If They Like You Or Not?: Yes
Do You?...
Like Alot Of Music?: Yes
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What Was The Last Thing You....
Ate?: Rice
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Hot Sunny Day Out

What a hot sunny day..

After work I just went straight away to Izzat home, having lunch and watch TV with his siblings.

Around 3pm+ we went to Lambak just wanna survey MX5 but sadly the car that we want have already taken, silver colour. Complete with bodykit and soundsystem.. Wow!! Bukan lah rezeki kami. Hehehe..

And now I'm just resting at home and a few minutes after I'll be pampering my BbyBugs.. Hehehe.. Kasih dia mandi kejap

While I'm writing this blog ada cia jua makhluk kecil menyampuk named Tisya ;p

Kejap lagi mau mandi kan Bbybugs..

Assalamualaikum ;)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Did you know that Coca Cola was first marketed as a headache remedy?

Developed in the mid-18th Century, the caffeine (originating from the kola nut) found in Coca Cola was believed to be the key ingredient in the beverage’s headache curing remedy, as it constricts the flow of blood to the dilated vessels in the head, thus reducing pain.

John Pembeton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, the creator of Coca Cola, started off with Pemberton’s French Wine Cola – the alcoholic version of Coca Cola and it was in 1886 that he launched the non-alcoholic Coca Cola.

Aside from headaches, Pemberton claimed that it also cure ailments like impotency and morphine addiction, amongst other things. Coke concentrate, or Coke syrup, was sold in small quantities at pharmacies then, as an over-the-counter remedy for nausea or mildly upset stomach.

In time, reports came out stating that too much caffeine might in fact give you headaches instead, so over time, the recipe was tweaked and coca cola, which started off as having cocaine and caffeine as their main ingredients, now uses coca leaf extract instead, thus reduces its effect of remedying headaches.

5 ways to beat shopping stress

Whoever said that shopping is all fun and no stress has got to be kidding.

Yeah, I know — some of you will beg to differ. Isn’t shopping supposed to relieve stress? After all, we’ve all at some point found ourselves trawling the malls aimlessly, looking for something to buy and hoping that it’d keep our mind off things.

So listen up and do the following — and we guarantee you’re going to last the season in top shape.

1. Bring along your BFF
Nothing relieves stress and makes shopping more fun than having your BFF in town. You get to spend quality time with her, have someone to “chope” the fitting room and queue at the cashier with you, and get an honest opinion on every piece you’re thinking of buying. She’ll also understand your need to gripe and whine about that auntie who seems to be eyeing every piece you’ve got your hand on!

2. Reserve your piece
It’s lunchtime. You’ve browsed the store, found a dress you really like, spent 20 minutes queuing at the fitting room and finally you’ve made the decision to purchase it. You walk to the cashier and… gulp… it looks like you’re going to be queuing for at least 20 minutes more.

Sounds familiar? Here’s what you should do:
Go straight to the counter, smile widely at the sales assistant, tell him/her how much you like the dress, and how you’ve got to get back to your office pronto. Ask extra nicely if they can reserve the item for you till you return later or the next day. Once it’s been reserved, come back another time when the queue is much shorter and make your payment. There you go — 20 minutes saved, stress minimised!

3. Do a lazy brunch
If you’re planning to shop on a Saturday morning, don’t do it on an empty stomach. Otherwise, how will you have the energy to put up with all the pushing and shoving? All while repeating “Excuse me, excuse me” over and over again. The solution? Grab some girlfriends and have a nice, lazy brunch. You’ll start your day in a better frame of mind, and with more energy to stand your ground in the event that you do get pushed and shoved.

4. Paint something
Instead of squinting at your iPhone playing Draw Something while trying to kill time in the queue, why not go somewhere chi-chi to really paint?

5. Rock out to some alternative music
If you haven’t heard, the Esplanade is hosting Baybeats, the annual music festival that showcases an eclectic range of music by local and regional acts from 29 June to 1 July. The best thing about it? It’s free! So rock out and let your hair down. It’s what you deserve after a whole day of browsing, bargaining and shopping.

Fakta unik tentang mimpi berjalan (sleepwalking)

Mimpi adalah fenomena aneh yang hanya bisa dirasakan oleh manusia, namun mimpi berjalan (sleepwalking) lebih aneh lagi. Terkadang mimpi kita bisa terasa sangat nyata. Tapi yang satu ini memang menjadi nyata.

Sleepwalking yang dikenal juga dengan istilah somnambulism, bisa saja dialami di semua usia tetapi biasanya terjadi pada usia muda. Faktor paling besar yang menyebabkan sleepwalking ini adalah pikiran (beban, frustasi, gembira, stres, dll). Pernahkah anda mengalaminya??

Tanda dan gejala
Seseorang yang mengalami tidur berjalan dapat melakukan hal-hal berikut :
Berdiri dari tidurnya dan membuka mata layaknya orang yang terbangun dari tidur

Matanya tidak memiliki “sinar” dan ekspresi layaknya orang yang terjaga.

Berjalan berkeliling rumah, mungkin membuka dan menutup pintu dan menghidupkan atau mematikan lampu. Melakukan aktifitas rutin seperti berpakaian atau memasak bahkan yang lebih berbahaya adalah mengemudikan kendaraan. Terkadang bahkan berbicara atau beraktifitas lain dengan gaya yang canggung.

Tidur berjalan ini biasanya terjadi selama tidur dalam/tidur nyenyak pada awal tidur sekitar satu sampai dua jam awal tidur. Beberapa kasus tidur berjalan ini hanya berlangsung selama beberapa menit saja, tetapi beberapa kasus dapat terjadi sampai 30 menit. Pelaku tidur berjalan sendiri tidak akan sadar apa yang dilakukannya saat bangun pagi.


Diperkirakan 15 persen anak-anak sehat pernah mengalami tidur berjalan, tetapi tidak sedikit juga orang dewasa yang mengalaminya. Beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan terjadinya tidur berjalan antara lain :

* Kelelahan
* Stres
* Gelisah
* Sakit

Kasus tidur berjalan terkadang berhubungan dengan pengobatan atau kondisi kesehatan mental seperti :

* Detak jantung tidak normal (arrhythmias)
* Aliran balik asam lambung ke dalam esophagus atau saluran yang menghubungkan tenggorokan dengan perut.
* Berhentinya napas saat tidur (obstructive sleep apnea)
* kelainan akibat trauma
* kepanikan
* Di beberapa kasus lain, konsumsi alkohol dan obat-obat tertentu seperti antibiotic, antihistamin, sedative dan pil tidur dapat memicu sleepwalking.

Faktor resiko
Biasanya kebiasaan ini akan menurun dari orang tua atau saudara kandung. Pada ibu hamil atau wanita menstruasi, kemungkinannya akan lebih tinggi mengalami tidur berjalan.

Pemeriksaan fisik dan psikologi akan dilakukan untuk mengetahui hal-hal atau unsur yang menyebabkan tidur berjalan ini, seperti detak jantung yang tidak normal atau kepanikan yang tiba-tiba melanda. Jika diperlukan maka akan dilakukan tes tidur di laboratorium agar pemantauan lebih sempurna.

Sleepwalking sebenarnya tidak membahayakan, kecuali bila penderita melakukan aktifitas yang dapat membahayakan diri sendiri atau orang lain, seperti aktifitas di luar rumah atau memasak dengan menggunakan api.

Bila kejadian tidur berjalan ini terjadi hampir tiap hari atau dengan frekuensi yang sering, sebaiknya konsultasikan ke dokter agar segera diketahui penyebab pastinya.

Pencegahan dan pengobatan
Tidak ada pengobatan dan cara pencegahan yang pasti. Jika anda memergoki anak anda tidur berjalan maka hal pertama yang sebaiknya dilakukan adalah dengan menuntunnya kembali ke tempat tidur. Sebaiknya tidak membangunkan anak saat tidur berjalan, karena hal ini akan menggangu proses tidurnya, walalupun membangunkannya pun tidak menimbulkan bahaya apapun. Hanya saja jika dibangunkan saat tidur berjalan, maka anak akan merasa kebingungan.

Jika tidur berjalan tersebut terjadi pada keluarga anda, maka sebaiknya anda memperbaiki kebiasaan tidurnya.

Jika anda tidak dapat memantau tidurnya, usahakan lingkungan tidurnya aman, sehingga saat tidur berjalan tanpa sepengatuhan anda dia tidak akan melakukan aktivitas yang membahayakan dirinya

Tidur lebih lama. Kelelahan menjadi salah satu penyebab. Untuk itu usahakan tidur lebih cepat dan biasakanlah tidur dengan jadwal yang tetap.

Buat dirinya merasa lebih rileks sesaat sebelum tidur.

Hindari mengalami tekanan berlebihan.

Perhatikan pola dan kebiasaannya. Jika ia sering mengalami tidur berjalan, biarkan dia tetap tertidur. Yang perlu anda lakukan adalah amati kapan kebiasaan tidur berjalannya timbul. Jika sudah diperoleh kebiasaan tersebut, maka anda dapat membangunkannya 15 menit sebelum tidur berjalan tersebut terjadi padanya. Jangan khawatir, biasanya semakin bertambah umur semakin kecil kemungkinan untuk sleepwalking, tetapi tetap saja ada beberapa orang yang sudah terbiasa mengalami tidur berjalan ini.

Mulai sekarang perhatikanlah pola tidur anda. Siapa tau suatu saat ketika anda terbangun dari tidur anda berada ditempat yang tidak anda kenal. Itu tandanya anda telah mengalami “sleepwalking”.


Tidur Cantik Ala Rasulullah SAW

Tidur bagi muslimah merupakan saat yang sangat penting. Karena dalam tidurnya ia mengumpulkan tenaga untuk beribadah kepada Allah. Selain itu, ketika tidur hati seorang muslimah di antara jemari Allah. Seorang muslimah cantik karena agamanya. Jadi tidurnya pun harus cantik. Hendaknya seorang muslimah menjaga adab-adab dalam tidur dengan adab yang diajarkan dalam agama Islam. Bagaimana adab-adabnya?

1) Tidak tidur terlalu malam setelah sholat isya kecuali dalam keadaan darurat seperti untuk mengulang (muroja’ah) ilmu atau adanya tamu atau menemani keluarga, sebagaimana yang diriwayatkan oleh Abu Barzahradhiyallahu ‘anhu:
“Bahwasanya Rasulullah shallallahu ‘allaihi wasallam membenci tidur malam sebelum (sholat Isya) dan berbincang-bincang (yang tidak bermanfaat) setelahnya.” [Hadist Riwayat Al-Bukhari No. 568 dan Muslim No. 647 (235)]

2) Hendaknya tidur dalam keadaan sudah berwudhu, sebagaimana hadits: “Apabila engkau hendak mendatangi pembaringan (tidur), maka hendaklah berwudhu terlebih dahulu sebagaimana wudhumu untuk melakukan sholat.” (HR. Al-Bukhari No. 247 dan Muslim No. 2710)

3) Hendaknya mendahulukan posisi tidur di atas sisi sebelah kanan (rusuk kanan sebagai tumpuan) dan berbantal dengan tangan kanan, tidak mengapa apabila setelahnya berubah posisinya di atas sisi kiri (rusuk kiri sebagai tumpuan). Hal ini berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah: “Berbaringlah di atas rusuk sebelah kananmu.” (HR. Al-Bukhari no. 247 dan Muslim no. 2710)
“Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam apabila tidur meletakkan tangan kanannya di bawah pipi kanannya.” (HR. Abu Dawud no. 5045, At Tirmidzi No. 3395, Ibnu Majah No. 3877 dan Ibnu Hibban No. 2350)

4) Tidak dibenarkan telungkup dengan posisi perut sebagai tumpuannya baik ketika tidur malam atau pun tidur siang. “Sesungguhnya (posisi tidur tengkurap) itu adalah posisi tidur yang dimurkai Allah Azza Wa Jalla.” (HR. Abu Dawud dengan sanad yang shohih)

5) Membaca ayat-ayat Al-Qur’an, antara lain:
a) Membaca ayat kursi.
b) Membaca dua ayat terakhir dari surat Al-Baqoroh.
c) Mengatupkan dua telapak tangan lalu ditiup dan dibacakan surat Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq dan An-Naas kemudian dengan dua telapak tangan mengusap dua bagian tubuh yang dapat dijangkau dengannya dimulai dari kepala, wajah, dan tubuh bagian depan, hal ini diulangi sebanyak 3 kali (HR. Al-Bukhari dalam Fathul Bari XI/277 No. 4439, 5016 (cet. Daar Abi Hayan) Muslim No. 2192, Abu Dawud No. 3902, At-Tirmidzi)

6)Hendaknya mengakhiri berbagai doa tidur dengan doa berikut:
باسمك ربيوضعت جنبي وبك أرفعه إن أ مسكت نفسي فا ر حمها و إ ن أ ر سلتها فاحفظها بما تحفظ به عبادك الصا لحين
“Bismikarabbii wa dho’tu jambii wa bika arfa’uhu in amsakta nafsii farhamhaa wa in arsaltahaa fahfazhhaa bimaa tahfazha bihi ‘ibaadakasshaalihiin.”
“Dengan Nama-Mu, ya Rabb-ku, aku meletakkan lambungku. Dan dengan Nama-Mu pula aku bangun daripadanya. Apabila Engkau menahan rohku (mati), maka berilah rahmat padanya. Tapi apabila Engkau melepaskannya, maka peliharalah, sebagaimana Engkau memelihara hamba-hamba-Mu yang shalih.” (HR. Al-Bukhari No. 6320, Muslim No. 2714, Abu Dawud No. 5050 dan At-Tirmidzi No. 3401)

7)Disunnahkan apabila hendak membalikkan tubuh (dari satu sisi ke sisi yang lain) ketika tidur malam untuk mengucapkan doa:
لا إ له إ لاالله الواحدالقهاررب السماوات واﻷرض ومابينهماالعز يزالغفار
“laa ilaha illallahu waahidulqahhaaru rabbussamaawaati wal ardhi wa maa baynahumaa ‘aziizulghaffaru.”
“Tidak ada Illah yang berhak diibadahi kecuali Alloh yang Maha Esa, Maha Perkasa, Rabb yang menguasai langit dan bumi serta apa yang ada diantara keduanya, Yang Maha Mulia lagi Maha Pengampun.” (HR. Al-Hakim I/540 disepakati dan dishohihkan oleh Imam adz-Dzahabi)

8)Apabila merasa gelisah, risau, merasa takut ketika tidur malam atau merasa kesepian maka dianjurkan sekali baginya untuk berdoa sebagai berikut:
أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من غضبه و شرعباده ومن همزات الشيا طين وأن يحضرون
“A’udzu bikalimaatillahi attammati min ghadhabihi wa ‘iqaabihi wa syarri ‘ibaadihi wa min hamazaatisysyayaathiin wa ayyahdhuruun.”
“Aku berlindung dengan kalimat-kalimat Allah yang sempurna dari murka-Nya, siksa-Nya, dari kejahatan hamba-hamba-Nya, dari godaan para syaitan dan dari kedatangan mereka kepadaku.”(HR. Abu Dawud No. 3893, At-Tirmidzi No. 3528 dan lainnya)

9)Memakai celak mata ketika hendak tidur, berdasarkan hadits Ibnu Umar: “Bahwasanya Rasululloh shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam senantiasa memakai celak dengan batu celak setiap malam sebelum beliau hendak tidur malam, beliau sholallahu ‘alaihi wassalam memakai celak pada kedua matanya sebanyak 3 kali goresan.” (HR. Ibnu Majah No. 3497)

10)Hendaknya mengibaskan tempat tidur (membersihkan tempat tidur dari kotoran) ketika hendak tidur. Hal ini berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam: “Jika salah seorang di antara kalian akan tidur, hendaklah mengambil potongan kain dan mengibaskan tempat tidurnya dengan kain tersebut sambil mengucapkan ‘bismillah’, karena ia tidak tahu apa yang terjadi sepeninggalnya tadi.” (HR. Al Bukhari No. 6320, Muslim No. 2714, At-Tirmidzi No. 3401 dan Abu Dawud No. 5050)

11)Jika sudah bangun tidur hendaknya membaca do’a sebelum berdiri dari tempat pembaringan, yaitu:
الحمد لله الذي أحيانابعدماأماتناوإليه النشور
“Alhamdulillahilladzii ahyaanaa ba’damaa amaatanaa wa ilayhinnusyuur.”
“Segala puji bagi Allah yang telah menghidupkan kami setelah ditidurkan-Nya dan kepada-Nya kami dibangkitkan.” (HR. Al-Bukhari No. 6312 dan Muslim No. 2711)

12)Hendaknya menyucikan hati dari setiap dengki yang (mungkin timbul) pada saudaranya sesama muslim dan membersihkan dada dari kemarahannya kepada manusia lainnya.

13)Hendaknya senantiasa menghisab (mengevaluasi) diri dan melihat (merenungkan) kembali amalan-amalan dan perkataan-perkataan yang pernah diucapkan.

14)Hendaknya segera bertaubat dari seluruh dosa yang dilakukan dan memohon ampun kepada Alloh dari setiap dosa yang dilakukan pada hari itu.

15)Setelah bangun tidur, disunnahkan mengusap bekas tidur yang ada di wajah maupun tangan.
“Maka bangunlah Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam dari tidurnya kemudian duduk sambil mengusap wajah dengan tangannya.” [HR. Muslim No. 763 (182)]

“Apabila Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bangun malam membersihkan mulutnya dengan bersiwak.” (HR. Al Bukhari No. 245 dan Muslim No. 255)

17)Beristinsyaq dan beristintsaar (menghirup kemudian mengeluarkan atau menyemburkan air dari hidung). “Apabila salah seorang di antara kalian bangun dari tidurnya, maka beristintsaarlah tiga kali karena sesunggguhnya syaitan bermalam di rongga hidungnya.” (HR. Bukhari No. 3295 dan Muslim No. 238)

18)Mencuci kedua tangan tiga kali, berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam: “Apabila salah seorang di antara kamu bangun tidur, janganlah ia memasukkan tangannya ke dalam bejana, sebelum ia mencucinya tiga kali.” (HR. Al-Bukhari No. 162 dan Muslim No.278)

19)Anak laki-laki dan perempuan hendaknya dipisahkan tempat tidurnya setelah berumur 6 tahun. (HR. Abu Daud, At-Tirmidzi)

20)Tidak diperbolehkan tidur hanya dengan memakai selimut, tanpa memakai busana apa-apa. (HR. Muslim)

21)Jika bermimpi buruk, jangan sekali-kali menceritakannya pada siapapun kemudian meludah ke kiri tiga kali (diriwayatkan Muslim IV/1772), dan memohon perlindungan kepada Alloh dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk dan dari keburukan mimpi yang dilihat. (Itu dilakukan sebanyak tiga kali) (diriwayatkan Muslim IV/1772-1773).

22)Hendaknya berpindah posisi tidurnya dari sisi sebelumnya. (diriwayatkan Muslim IV/1773). Atau bangun dan shalat bila mau. (diriwayatkan Muslim IV/1773).

23)Tidak diperbolehkan bagi laki-laki tidur berdua (begitu juga wanita) dalam satu selimut. (HR. Muslim)
Maraji’: Adab Harian Muslim Teladan



This time??!! Mid of the month already.. Goyang kaki saja laa.  now I'm updating my blog.. Nada urang langsung.. Alhamdullillah!! ;>


I thought my blog is not exist anymore.. Since my regular viewer told me that my blog is still exist so I try to reset the password. Thanks to You my dear friend :)

Any update on you Maw?

Yes!! A lot!! Ups and down that I've been through.. Mostly on my relationship. Currently, I'm in relationship with a guy named Md Izzat Tahir.

We've been together since Aug2010.. We've been seperated 3 times actually so "putus sambung" laa... I think I've been posted something about us on the previous post.. So no need details on that..

Last year?

2011 was my bad year in relationship due to this 2 guys that I've been together with.

Feb2011.. His name? I forgot his real name but people called him Eboy, working as a policeman at Berakas. He's trying so hard to have my heart until 1 day Yes!! He did and I feel regret for giving him mine. He's the first guy ever came to my house to hangout until late night but not in my room ok. Just on ground floor. BlaBlaBla.. We broke up because he said I was betraying him and contact with other guy, which is Izzat my currently boyfriend n which is true but as a friend. So mayb he feel insecure so he did the same thing which is contacting other girls also. BlaBlaBla.. So he dumb me because he wanted my collegue who is my junior and myself as her mentor at workplace. I was so peace off.. He's totally blacklisted. I've checked my email a few minutes ago and surprisingly my facebook Mawarni SSFS Sudin is still active and you know what?? He added me up end of last month around 3+ in the morning.. I thought he's totally forget about me but instead it's not.. So just leave it laa.. I dont wanna have facebook anymore.. Facebook really ruin my life I tell you..

Next? September2011.. I've been with another guy named Md Arif. When i was with him at first I didnt know that he's my cousin. Mayb 3rd cousin or something like that laa.. Yang penting jauh.. I was totally not interested wity this guy actually but my cousin, Zee, forced me n really trying hard to make us to be together. In order for me to respect her and tired to hear all her beg-ness on me so I just wanna try to be this guy. Just for a month plus I was trying to dumb this guy twice due to his not really my type.. Really!! But he didnt even want to. He still wanna be with me he said. Ok!! So I promised myself to try again and stop to dumb him and try to sayang2 him a.k.a gim jim my love to him. Instead, he broke my heart after that. Really??!! OMG!! Hanya Allah tau how's my feeling that time after he dumb me. He dumb me like I'm nothing on him, like a rubbish/shit or whatsoEver. He's totally has a heart of an animal. Why I did say so? Because he doest have any feeling. I gave my heart and he gave me that :< but nevermind. He seems like wnna have me back on his life a few weeks ago until ul1 day he saw me with my Izzat he stop. Yea you better stop dude.. Find other girl who has the same heart like yours or just wait your Ex-Gf who is now still at UK for study .|. sorry for the emoticon. I was too emotional.. Pfftt..

25Dec2011.. Why cant forget the date? Because this guy really change me a lot. His name is Md Azim.. His just an ordinary guy.. Usually, every of my relationship, I will contact other guy (as a friend or scandle) but being honest Blogger, when i was with this guy I never did.. Seriously!! I feel like I already married.. 24hrs we're together (i feel so) everyday. Before I go to work, I pick him up and he sent me to work he pick me up from work also. I cook for him just a sandwich though and that was/is currently favourite food. Sometimes if I had my lunch, we go lunch together. After work, if he didnt send me to work I'll be straight away went to his place until lae night. Eat together, laught together, sad together, sleep together. Everything we did together.. That was so sweet!! Really!! Never feel so before.. 1 thing about him I dont like about him was that his anger. Hmm.. Eventhough his a temper kinda a guy I try my best not to dumb him not to hate him instead it makes me sayang him more until this 1 day something he did to me which is I dont want to mention. Just between me and him knew about it. I was started to turn off on him. Day by day but the feeling of sayang him still there until now ;'< so i was thinking far far away and discuss it with my mom about it so she told me to dumb him but it takes a 3 months for that because I really sayang him until this 1 day came so I thought its enough.. I tell uou blogger aa. Its very hard for me to let him go but I'm sorry I have to. I'm so sorry Ajiem.. Until today we still contact each other and yea me still sayang him but now he change already as a really religious guy. Everytime we meet he always give a lil bit talk on me. It seems that I dont really take note abiut it and just do slumber but actually I do. Now, I really wanna change. I wear tudong, no sexy sexy lagi. Minor make-up.. And I try to sembahyang but haiyo mensus cia jua.. I will try :) every single things abiut us i still keep it. I never throw it.

3/6/2012.. Its really meaningfull day for both of us. But its just a dream. We're abiut to engage and decided to take that date to be the engagement day but sadly its not happened.. Kalau jodoh tak kemana..

I dont wanna talk more on that.. Everytime i think about it I'll be sad and cry. What a regret. I try to be strong.. ChayoChayo!! ;D

Its time for me to sleep then.. Its late already.. Have a good day blogger/viewer..



Monday, 6 September 2010

what a f***cking monday

what a day for me today.. stress brabis ku ari ni.. sal sapa jua tuu nah.. officer taie palat atuu jua kn.. URGH!!!

o yea.. surprisingly my blog still exist panya, which i thought ilang.. hahaha.. its been like~~ a year+ i didnt update anything.. hmm..

if i do have time later after sungkai i update anything yea..

mish my blog so much (* . *)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Missing my Frog Prince ;(


i'm hell missing my Frog Prince now ;(

he went to Bintulu yesterday at 5:38 am.. Huhu.. Far from here wa..

hmm.. Just want to tell u, if Sai read my blog, that i miss u so much wa~ brbz3.. ;(

Friday, 13 November 2009

Happy 3 monthsarry My Prince Frog ;D


Happy 3 monthsarry Sai.. ;D

my love for u is getting deeper n deeper everyday, every time, every hour, every minute, every sec.. Bnr3.. Nda tipu ni Sai

hmm.. I dont know y i am such so.. He is so simple guy. Eventhough, he is such a romantic guy. I know his face is a bit "ganas" but he is a very kind of guy eee~

sadly, he will go abroad this 25th to his cousin's wed somewhere @ Malaysia.. Huhuhu.. 1 week i'll feel burden (' ~ ' )

i watched 2012 last night @ SQC n ofcourse with Sai ;D actually he's working but he still can spend a bit of his workimg time to watch it with me..

1 of the trailer is freaking me out, which is "Santau". I closed my eyes n ears, pretending not to hear the sound. N u know what??!! He sang this song, "I Know U Want Me" by Pitbull + pampering me like wanna make me sleep like a baby. Hahaha.. I start to laugh, ignoring the trailer n everybody around there..

what's up with th "I Know U Want Me"?
Because~ last month i think, i felt so sleepy n he sng this traditional song of Brunei to make their baby to sleep. I dont like wa thd song. Too classy. Hehehe.. Then i said try to sing the latest song. Then he sing "I Know U Want Me" with his face looking @ me seriously.. That's it.. Hehehe.. Calie wa Sai ni

so far~ i had so much fun with him last night eventhough just watching movie. He sent me back home with our Baby Lancer. Hehehe..

next time i will upload some of our photos a ;D

Friday, 6 November 2009

Baby Lancer ;D

Baby Lancer?

what's up with that?

yesterday kan~ kan~ Baby Lancer was born wa~ hahaha.. Pakan~


meaning~ my Sai kan~ keta nya kan~ ada udh.. Which is lancer.. Hehehe

n i was so damn surprise wa~ y? Because 1st tme wa Sai wanna pick me up after work. I was wondering whose car he g0nna use.. I th0ught he will use his dad's car..

kan~ i said "dmana Sai parking?" he replied ni dpan2 a~ i was trying to find her dad's car p nada.. U kn0w what? He p0inted this car, metallic blue lancer right infr0nt of me. I screamed n pinch manja rah Sai. I was so damn surprise.hehehe

then~ he t0ld me this "u will be the first n the last stranger girl riding this car"

OMG!! So sweet of u Sai.. I love u so much..muwah!dmana2 ;D

aftr that we went hang owt s0mewhere Kiulap n went to Keboy @ Kilanas,having late supper, which is nasi kat0k,cucur keladi n cucur pisang, with Sarul; Sai's cousin, and Am0y; Sarul's gf.. Until nearly 2am

for sure Sai will have a great day t0day since his car has born =p

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Billing counter for Prima users @ Incomm The Mall


For those who are Prima Subscribers,u are please to come n pay ur bills at our new billing counter @ Incomm The Mall, 2nd floor..


wanna promo a bit.hehe..

o yea guys!! I kn0w its been awhile~ awhile~ n awhile~ i havent updated my gosh!!

mayb i am t0o busy though with my work..n0t that load though.. Or~ lazy to p0st.. Hahaha =p n0lah..

i am hell still working at Incomm,where the working hours is so suck/fuck up.. 10am to 10pm.. Hell tiring.. Shit!!

i did apply anywhereElse; Baiduri Bank, HSBC, TAIB, SCB, n DST.. And so, i did have an interview; Baiduri, and HSBC..

I had my Baiduri's interview at their main branch, which is at Kiar0ng. Hows the interview? N0t so bad bt s0me of the questi0n i didn't kn0w. Lagipun i havent prepared anything for the interview and i was just send my CV w/o any interested working with that company.wawawaw..

how about HSBC? O my gosh!! I really wanna work in this company though.. Y? Because i like the way they interviewed me.. It was like we were chilling out, having a great conversation with each other but d0nt get me wr0ng.i am hell still in p0lite way ok.. The salary is quite nice n i wanna be 1 of the teller, which is working at the counter take m0ney, withdrawel n sort of things. Really want it so much!! =D

now? While typing those words, these words i mean, i am hell working now at the billing counter, which is so b0red.. Sitting down here, listening to my mp3 s0ng repeatedly.. Again n again.. Feeling so damn cold, cannot switch off the aircon just for awhile if the supervisor inside because she will hot.. Or otherwise i will switch it off by myself if she is n0t there..

so cold wa.. Need u Sai to warm me up here ;D hahaha =p but i wish for that as he said yesterday =) hehehe

now? Just wait for the cust0mer to c0me and pay their bill but sadly today, i have no cust0mer yet. So $0.00 of collecti0n.. Huhuhu

Friday, 9 October 2009

selamat hari raya~~

what a boring Raya this year~~ fuh~~ y?

because i was working during the special day of all the Muslims around the world. hmmm.. but at least we had offday on 1st and 2nd of Raya but then the 2nd day of Raya, i totally dont have mood. y? because i had a very bad, seriously toothache. totally in pain =s

these are some of the pictures of Raya:-
@dad's parent's home

@ mama's parents home

with Adil the nephew @ aunty's home

with Mama @ her mom's home

with Adil the nephew..

so so so boring~~~ hmmm...

and now, i have time to update my blog. such a long long time~~

now? what am i doing? working~ boring~ and i have just received my commission, my 1st commision; $70++.. quite good~~ since i was starting "bedagang" by the mid of last month. the amount that i received was starting from mid of last month till end of it. boleh lah~~

i'm so bored. damn bored. Izz g lum bangun.. hmmm... Sai~~ bangun Sai.. sembahyang jumaat lagi =p hehehe..

i'm so sleepy now~~ but now i'm alone so dont have the chance to sleep then.. heheheh
o yeah.. btw~~ these are my pics with Sai Izz @ studio.. hahaha =p studio cia karang.. no lah.. rah arcade d-Mall saja =)